Murano chandeliers: masterpieces of glass art

Gift yourself with a masterpiece of glass art

A Murano chandelier isn’t only a lamp made of glass that you hang on your ceiling: it is a masterpiece born of the art and skill of artisans, something whose value will be immediately recognised. 

Murano chandeliers are created in many styles and shapes: there are classic chandeliers, modern and luxury ones, and every one of them is a unique work of art shaped by hand by a glass master who works hard to keep alive a centennial tradition. 

A centuries old art 

Murano’s glass blowing art dates back to the 14THCentury, when the first artisans of the tiny venetian island began to work with glass. During the centuries, the techniques became more refined and the artisans more skilled, and Murano glass became famous all over the world. 

In the 17TH Century, the Rezzonico family, who owned a grand palace on Canal Grande, commissioned to a skilled artisan some chandeliers for their house. He created some unique masterpieces, with a complex and elaborate design, so beautiful and magnificent to become known as “Rezzonico chandeliers“.

Classic Murano chandeliers, although inspired by Rezzonico’s style, come in different shapes and design. Many of them, though, are decorated with flowers and leaves, which are typical of the classic venetian style

Antique techniques for a modern style 

Today, artisans who work with glass in Murano employ the same techniques used centuries ago to create grand chandeliers like Rezzonico’s to shape new models, with more modern patterns, to satisfy everyone’s tastes. Modern Murano chandeliers, with their unique designs, can change the appearance of every place, be it a living room or an office. 

 Models like “Doge” or “Serenissima”, if chosen in black or white colours, will be beautiful add – ons for every workspace, while colourful “Marco Polo” or “Peggy” will add personality to kitchens or living rooms. 

Murano luxury chandeliers, for those who like to dare 

If you like extravagant and redundant designs, Murano luxury chandeliers are just the thing to complete the furnishing of your house or place of work. This selection of chandeliers includes classic models like “Venetiae” and “Ca’ Rezzonico”, adorned with designs of leaves and flowers, or “Pegaso”, decorated with golden crystal leaves and finely worked balls in shades of ivory and gold; there are also modern ones like “White” or “Accademia”. With their essential lines, they are the perfect choice for those who prefer a modern style.

After you’ve chosen the Murano chandelier you like the best, you can decide to have it exactly like it is portrayed in the picture or to customise it, changing its colour and number of lights. 

It takes time, to create an artwork 

The best things are the ones worth waiting for, and a Murano chandelier is definitely one of those things. Every piece is handmade by a glass master, according to the standards that made Murano’s glass so famous all over the world, using techniques that are centuries old. 

So, when you buy a Murano chandelier, think that each day you wait for it, someone is lovingly working to create a special object that you will keep for a long time.